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Prime Waste Solutions' staff members will visit with your team to complete a comprehensive audit on current services and needs and develop a plan to reduce waste costs and develop a management program for future needs.
Here are some of the services we offer:
  • Current Cost and Service Analysis:  Our highly trained staff will review current service and waste costs to ensure you are receiving adequate service at fair market value.  A final report of our findings with recommendations for improvements will be delivered and discussed with your staff.
  • Waste and Recycling Audit:  A comprehensive audit will be completed at each site to review all aspects of service needs and requirements. 
  • Right Sizing:   We will ensure you have the right size for your specific needs.  As your business needs change, so will your service.  We will continue to monitor and have open discussions to cover the needs of all of your locations.  Many times we find areas where clients are paying for containers that are not full due to their company not focusing on their needs.  Prime Waste Solutions is looking out for you at all times.
  • Annual Reviews:  Every year, we will review your programs looking out for your best interest in maintaing low expenses in waste & recycling with superior results.
  • Invoice Reviews & Auditing:  All invoices will be reviewed by our staff monthly for complete accuracy and make sure all rates for your services are based on contracted rates.
  • Central Point of Contact:  One phone number to call for superior customer service for all locations.  No hassle on what office or number to call with a confident feeling knowing that your needs will be taken care of professionally and quickly.  Superior customer service is our priority!
  • Equipment Needs:  Professional equipment on your location is a professional outlook on your business; therefore, our team will work with our vendors on keeping well maintained equipment on site.  Prime Waste Solutions is also a source to purchase most of your equipment needs.


Here are some of the advantages our firm offers:

* Industry Specialists

* Competitive Pricing

* One Source for your Waste & Recycling Cost Reductions 


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